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I know that choosing to photograph you and your loved ones can be a little daunting.  But no one knows you, better than you. The photographs you choose to hang in your home should make your heart happy.  They should transport you back to a moment in time, when you were smiling, laughing and doing something that you love. Maybe a moment when you could still pick up your children and swing them around, or a moment when you could hold a hand of a parent who now lives too far away to make that small precious moment an everyday occurrence. 

Capturing photographs in the relaxed style that I specialise in, means that I like to know what makes you tick, what makes you giggle, what you get up to that makes your memories glow a rosey hue of happy. 

It can be as simple as baking cakes and reading books with the kids, too a muddy walk in the countryside with a drink at the pub to wrap up. It can be having Prosecco with the girls to celebrate an engagement, or it could be sharing pizza under a blanket fort with your one and only. Flying kites, drinking coffee, building dens, eating fish and chips, picking pumpkins, painting pictures, warming by a camp fire, cuddling at sunrise or watching the stars appear. The possibilities are endless, and luckily I am always up for a challenge. 

Photographing you doing what you love means that we don’t have to fake the authentic moments, the small glances, the belly laughs, the tenderness and love. The bond between you, and your family and friends is truly one-of-a-kind, and I aim for nothing less in my photographs.

My sessions, regardless of whether it is a family session or a wedding day, all have one thing in common, fun! I like to let things unfold naturally. If we are out and about, I ask that you just let go, be a big kid, play games, sing songs (I will even sing along), get muddy and wet and yes, even let the kids misbehave. Because, trust me, stressing about every little detail is not your job on your shoot day. Your job, on the day, is to have fun, make memories and throw caution to the wind, and if you can managed it, in the direction of my camera too! 

If you think you are up for the challenge, you want to have fun and you want to capture real moments of joy for you to cherish for years to come, drop me a line and let’s get creating.

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shall we meet?

Home for me, is the beautiful East Sussex, England. We are lucky to live in a little triangle between the coast, Ashdown Forest and family, who live a little further afield. Sussex offers amazing nooks and crannies, countryside and beaches, for all sorts of photoshoots. And as I am not tied to a studio I am happy to travel to those places that make your heart skip a beat.


Especially for weddings and big celebrations travel may be necessary, but with enough planning and notice, travelling to capture you and your big days should be no problem at all.


My little corner of East Sussex also offers some lovely cafes for my no-obligation consultations, and if face-to-face meetings to talk about your session are not possible, then I am more than happy to organise video calls, so we can at least chat through details and get to know each other.  

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