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it's short, but oh soooooo sweet!

bluebell season

Hooray! It is that season where our already gorgeous woodlands, become bejewelled with fragrant Bluebells. We are truly spoilt with our local countryside, and it really is a pleasure to take clients into these transformed woodlands to capture moments of joy, love and laughter amounts these fleeting beauties. 

Bluebell season is short, somewhere around 3 weeks, depending on the weather. So when they bloom, we need to be quick off the mark. For this reason, sessions of this type are limited. 

These little beauts are best first thing in the morning, so sessions can be anytime from around 8am. We also have to be mindful around the blooms, as treading on them means that next year there will be fewer for everyone to enjoy.


So whilst I love to let my clients be free and natural, I do keep a slightly tighter rein on these sessions, so that we stick to paths and no flowers are  picked, but don't worry there is still plenty of mischief. 

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