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my Covid-19 updates

Small 'non-essential' businesses are now open for business. This has allowed us photographers to get back to photographing you lovely people too, and I am so excited to be getting back out and about with you all. 


As we take baby steps towards our new 'normal', we also need to remember that the risks associated with Covid-19 have not gone away.  Some children are back at school and as we all start to mingle a little more, I am very aware that extra safety precautions will need to be taken, to keep you and your family safe during your photoshoots with me. 


During all my sessions I will be wearing a mask and keeping a sensible and safe distance from you all. There will be no physical contact with me, and I will be requesting that if anyone shows any symptoms of Covid-19, that I am notified as soon as possible. I will obviously be doing the same, as it is imperative that we are all equally responsible for one another's safety. 


With the possibility of having to reschedule dates because of isolation and testing, a degree of flexibility on both sides will be required, as we make allowances for reschulincg of dates. I have added in an extra information into my client contract, which is now available online when you secure your booking.

Addition to client contract: 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 new working practices will be rolled out from June 2020.

  1. It is vitally important, for all areas of safeguarding, that both client and Robotic Clouds inform each

    other of any signs of infection. I will be working hard to keep my clients safe and I would expect clients

    to return the same level of respect and consideration for others.

  2. All client contacts must be completed online. Paper versions will no longer be available.

  3. I will be wearing face mask from the moment we meet until our session is complete.

  4. There will be no physical contact with me during the session. Please remind smaller children about social distancing prior to our session.

  5. Should you, or any of your family develop symptoms, please contact me as soon as possible! Your session will be placed on hold until tests confirm you are all clear or your period of isolation has elapsed.

  6. If I develop symptoms prior to your booked session, I will inform you as soon as it is possible. The session will need to be postponed until I am tested, self isolated and given the all clear. Once clear, I will be in touch to confirm a new date.

  7. If either you, or members of your family become ill with Covid-19 within two weeks of our session, please contact me as a matter of urgency. I will need to postpone other client sessions to ensure that I am not infected and passing on any infection.

  8. Session fees and deposits remain non-refundable. Sessions can be postponed and rescheduled to accommodate any periods of self isolation or illness, and these can be dealt with on a one to one basis.


To reduce the risk, I have decided that for the time being I will not be offering in-home photoshoots. Once it is deemed safe, I will be able to offer these more intimate sessions again. 

Stay safe everyone and I hope to start seeing you all again soon. 


UPDATED: 22 June 2020


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