If you are anxious about what to expect on the day of your shoot...

...here are some of my Top Tips.


It can be quite daunting getting ready for a photoshoot. Not everyone loves the camera, and then there is trying to decide on what everyone wears on the day. Hopefully my tips help, but of course I am happy to help with any other questions prior to your shoot day. 

  • Firstly, please don't stress about everyone looking at the camera. It much more natural if you all just enjoy your time together and forget that I am there.


  • As much as possible, please ensure that everyone is well rested and arrives with fully satisfied tummies. Hopefully this helps us get started with happy little ones too.


  • Outfits for the day need not be fancy, especially if we are going out and about. Please ensure that you appropriately dressed, comfortable and will be warm/cool enough.


  • These photos will be hanging up in your house for years to come, so selecting outfits that are timeless rather than trendy will help your photos stay fresh in look and feel.


  • Group photos tend to work better if the outfits are simple in colour, and pattern is limited. Coordinating colours, not matching, also work much better.


  • Big block patterns, geometric shapes, characters or lettering on clothes can lead to some very undesirable effects on camera, so these are best avoided.


  • If there are games, songs or activities that you like to do when you are together, then please bring these along, and I am more than happy to sing along too (assuming I know the words).


AND FINALLY…. Cheese is for crackers!

Please remember, that your shoot is about capturing you and your family having fun and looking natural and relaxed. Let’s go out and have fun without the ‘cheesy’ catch phrases. This will result in much more relaxed photos, allowing me to capture the essence of your family, not the stress and worry of you trying to get everyone looking down the lens at once.