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A Cheeky Guide to Preparing Your Little Models for a Photoshoot!

Congratulations, you've booked a photoshoot with your pint-sized superstars! Now, before you let those mini divas loose, let's talk about the best bribes to keep those smiles shining and tantrums at bay. After all, every great photographer knows that behind every adorable snapshot is a strategic stash of treats.

So let's crack on, spill the beans on trade secrets and let's get you 'photoshoot parenting' with SASS.

  1. The Classic Candy Crush: Let's kick things off with a tried-and-true favourite – sweets! From jelly babies to lollipops, a sweet treat can work wonders in coaxing out those precious grins. Just be sure to opt for the non-sticky varieties, unless you're going for the "glamorous toddler with a sugar-coated face" aesthetic.

  2. Toy Treasure Trove: Who says bribery has to be sugary? Bust out a bag of small toys and watch your mini models' eyes light up with excitement. Whether it's action figures, dolls, or tiny cars, a new plaything can buy you some serious camera-ready cooperation, plus adorable moments of imagination and fun.

  3. Snack Attack: When in doubt, snack it out! Pack a selection of your child's favourite snacks – think crackers, fruit slices or cheese sticks – to keep hunger-induced meltdowns at bay. Bonus points if you can sneak in some healthy options amidst the sea of treats. Don't forget yourselves too! You may be in more need of a snack than you think.

  4. Tech Time Temptation: Let's face it – we're living in the digital age, and nothing captures a kid's attention quite like a shiny screen. Consider bringing along a tablet loaded with their favourite book, games or videos for those moments when patience is wearing thin. Alternatively this can be left in the car, and used as a reward once we are all done.

  5. Dress-Up Delight: Transforming into a princess, pirate, or superhero can work wonders for your little person's confidence in front of the camera. So if this is something that would perk up you little one, you could keep a sneaky costume to hand and we can let their imagination run wild. Remember family photos should be the real you and if costumes work, then don't fight it! They wont be this small forever. So embrace the crazy!

  6. Special Surprise: Saving the best for last – the ultimate trump card in your bribery arsenal. Promise your mini models a special treat or outing post-photoshoot, whether it's a trip to get ice cream or a movie night complete with all their favourite snacks. Sometimes, a little bribery goes a long way in securing those picture-perfect moments.

And there you have it folks – a cheeky guide to prepping your little models for their time in the spotlight. Remember, a sprinkle of bribery, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of patience are the keys to a successful photoshoot with kids.

Until next time, keep parenting like a pro and stay SASSY!

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