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I dare you...

I dare you to be different. I dare you to come to your photography session and totally let go. A photography blog on capturing real and candid moments in photo shoots, and how this works for all clients.I dare you to be different.

I dare you to come to your photography session and totally let go.

I dare you to make memories that make your belly ache with laughter.

I dare you to choose images that are different.

It is has become too easy to get stuck in thinking that the only good photos are the ones where everyone is looking at the camera. We have been so conditioned to look at the camera, to smile, and try to look relaxed.

But in actual fact, the most natural photos are those where you have totally forgotten that you are being photographed. These show you, as we all see and love you. Not the you where you’ve tilted your head, smiled but hidden your teeth, sucked in your tummy, adjusted your posture and held your breath while you wish the moment was over already.

Photographs of you and your loved ones don’t need to be static. They should be full of movement and emotion. After all, how many of us go out with our loved ones and sit perfectly still during our conversations and time together? Hardly ever, I would say. And if we do, it probably doesn’t feel very natural.

I dare you to choose your favourite photos in a different way.

Choose the ones where you are not looking at me. Choose the ones where someone said something silly, or reminded you of that time you all ended up doing something ridiculous. Choose the ones that capture that moment, that second, that laugh, that hug, that handhold, that game of hide and seek, that loving look. These are the moments that cannot be recreated, and the moments that show your connection.

I want you to smile at the moments that you choose to hang on your walls.

I want you to hear her laugh.

I want you to hear his voice as he said something to make you laugh.

I want you to remember what it is like to hold a tiny little hand in yours.

And I want you to relive that kiss over and over again.

I dare you to be different and love every moment of it.

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