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behind the lens?

My love of photography started with a small yellow hand-sized Kodak camera when we moved to London from Cape Town, at eight years old. The move was quite the adventure. But still to this day, I remember being disappointed at the lack of horse drawn carriages, top hats and soot covered chimneysweep’s dancing on the roof tops at dusk.


Film cartridges are long gone, as is having to manually wind on the film and making 36 exposures last as long as possible. But, capturing the world has remained a constant, even if my methods haven't always been understood by those around me. After many years, Andy (my husband) is now quite accustomed to walking straight past me when I lie down in the middle of a public place to get the right angle for a photo.

Andy and I now live in East Sussex and have two beautiful children that I adore photographing. It’s the unintentional and the overlooked moments that really steal the show for me. The cheeky glances, the head thrown back laughter and the simple moments of tenderness that you share without a second thought. These are the photographs I capture for my clients. My style of photography, and editing, is very relaxed. I let the images, the connections and the moments to speak for themselves. There is no heavy airbrushing, or creating elements that weren't there on the day.