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Firstly, massive congratulations on your engagement. I am so excited for you!

Finding a photographic style that you like, a level of investment that suits your budget and a person that you trust to be with you throughout your day, is really time consuming. This is the very reason I offer all couples a free face-to-face consultation to discuss their wedding plans, the vision that you have and most importantly, to ensure that we 'click'.

Your story, your engagement, the adventures you've already had and the adventures still to come, are all unique to you. That is why the photography of your 'big day' should tell your story in the way you want it too.  As with my other sessions, the style of photography you can expect on your wedding day will document each special moment in my relaxed, candid and documentary style. The real love, the details, the laughs, the happy tears and all the amazing people in your life that you've chosen to share your special day with. 


Each of the Collections below can tweaked to suit you and your wedding day. Have a read through and drop me a line if you'd like to chat further.  

I look forward to hearing more about you and your plans. 

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