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What do I get when I book a family session?

The honest answer to this get a lot!

Your session with me starts as soon as that first point of contact is made. We talk about your family, what everyone likes, where those special places are that you like to go and what you'd like from your shoot with me.

This is sometimes very simple and families know exactly what they want. For others, it is about accommodating different needs, abilities, anxieties, nap and eating schedules, what to wear, and of course, the worry about how everyone will be on the day. It doesn't matter if you have one or a hundred questions, we can work through it all. I want to make sure you and everyone coming along is happy and all that is left is fun. 

Family Beach Photoshoot, Sussex. Robotic Clouds Photography

I will continue to communicate with you about your session at various points, for example, payment and contract requests, outfit or styling advice, weather checks, as well as location recce's and final session confirmations a couple of days before your booking.

After your session I get to work on carefully editing your gallery. You can expect to receive a small number of images within two to three days, to give you flavour of what's to come. Once complete (3-4 weeks later), you will then get the exciting email telling you that your full gallery is ready to be viewed. You'll be sent instructions on how to access, select and order prints or artwork and you can then download your digital images to share with your loved ones. Finally, any physical artwork will need to be delivered, either personally or via post. Hopefully, it is then not long before these are hanging in pride of place in your home. 

We did forget to touch on the all important photoshoot itself, though. All my sessions are about having fun. So please do not be shy. Trust me, your kids will love seeing you act like a big kid! I allow plenty of time so that no one feels like they are being rushed and we very much go with the flow. There may be some gentle suggestions for things to do, to get the kids to laugh for example, but otherwise I take my cues from you as a family. I work during your session to capture moments of love, laughter, tenderness and most importantly the real you. I always aim to give families lots of choice when it comes to final images. I will include individual and group portraits, shots with different combinations of family members and a few artistic shots from the session that really capture the feeling of the day. 

Family portrait with little girl. Sussex photographer, Robotic Clouds Photography.

Hopefully you can see that your session is far more than just the hour you see me for. Many of hours of work and attention to detail goes in to each session from start to finish. I am always working to ensure that you have an experience that exceeds your expectations, but also leaves you with lovely new memories to cherish. 

I would love to see you and your family this year. Feel free to get in touch and we can start to chat about how we make your session the best fit for your family.

Kylie x

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