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Your Winter Photoshoot

As a portrait photographer, one of the things that excites me about winter is the unique and beautiful colour palette that it brings. While some may think that winter is a dull and dreary season, I see it as an opportunity to capture stunning portraits that showcase the natural beauty of this time of year.

Windswept couple taking a romantic walking on the cliffs

One of the most striking colours of winter is white. While we are not lucky enough to have snow covered landscapes, very often, we can use white in our clothing choices. The contrast between white and darker clothing, and colourful accessories makes for a visually stunning image, especially against the winter landscape of woodlands.

Another colour that can really bring winter portraits to life, is red. The bright reds of winter berries, the warm tones of winter scarves and hats, and the vibrant hues of winter sunsets all add warmth and energy to portraits. Red can be used too symbolise love, connection, luck and is great at creating a sense of vitality and passion.

Family walking through long grass

Of course, winter is also a season of muted tones. Browns, greys, and earthy greens can be found in the bare trees and dormant foliage that dot the winter landscape. I find these colours to be especially beautiful when paired with rich, textured fabrics like wool and cashmere. These can be added to your pictures with scarves, hats and even blankets that can be draped around you to create a tactile and intimate atmosphere that is perfect for family, couple and friendship portraits.

Overall, winter is a season of rich and varied colours. Please don't be put off booking a winter shoot, because the opportunity for beautiful soft light, warm colours and textures are too good to not include in your growing photo album.

Little boy standing on a tree

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