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Couple sessions & how they work

I've found that many couples can feel nervous or anxious before their photoshoot. After all, having your picture taken can be an experience that makes you feel very vulnerable. This is especially the case if the session is more intimate than you've had before. But what is life, without taking a little risk every now and again!

Couples romantic photoshoot at home, Robotic Clouds Photography

To help relieve the nerves, here are a few things that I hope put you at ease and nudge yo to make that booking for one of these gorgeously empowering sessions.

Communicate clearly: My aim is to always communicate clearly and openly with you. As with every session, I will let you know what you can expect from a photoshoot with me, but it is also equally important that you are open with me. I offer all my couples the opportunity of meeting face to face before the session takes place. This means we can talk openly about what you'd like to get from your session, any ideas you might have and how we can make this session as beautiful as your love story. If you have seen images you like (even the "steamy" ones), please don't be shy and share these with me. This all adds to the information I need to make sure your session is 100% what you want. Just remember that these images are a source of inspiration and that we will not be trying to create a carbon copy of another photographers work, but use these to create your own moments of love.

Taking our time: The very reason I offer so much time to my couples is because, depending on personalities, it can take time to get comfortable in front on the camera. But once you are totally connected with each other and in the moment, you will forget I am there and be able to focus just on you and the amazing experience of celebrating your love. Of course if your session includes a boudoir-esque element to it, we will not jump straight in. We will take our time, and gradually build up to the more intimate parts of the session at a pace that suits you.

Encouragement. Encouragement. And more encouragement: We all get hung up and how we look. But on your shoot day, I hope that you will feel nothing but empowered, strong and fierce, while wrapped in love. You will receive all the praise and bigging up possible from me, and of course from your lover. I will be helping you to look your absolute best with gentle prompts along the way. And I cannot stress enough, that THERE IS NO body type, sexuality or gender that is not welcome in front of my lens. Everyone deserves to feel adored and I hope that these sessions allow you to be whisked away in your own story of self love.

Romantic o nlocation couple session, Robotic Clouds Photography in Sussex

Choose a comfortable location: As part of the planning for your shoot, we will talk about places that are special to you as a couple. Familiarity in your location can make all the difference to your final images. We can even include a couple, one of which may be time at home for those extra cuddly shots. It nice to have a contrast of indoor and outdoor during these sessions as it changes the dynamic. That being said if outdoors is your thing, then lets rock that!

Starting easy: This is actually the same for all my sessions. We always start with the easy stuff first. And then we can gradually build up to the stuff that might take a little more co-ordination or a lowering of inhibitions. You'll be surprised at how confident you get in front of the camera when given time to warm up and you embrace the whole experience.

Take breaks: Another reason for allowing so much time for my couples, is so we are able to take breaks. If you start to feel overwhelmed or need to stop, you only need to say. Your session is about taking it at a pace that is comfortable for you. If we stop every now and again so you're relaxed when I start clicking away, then that is what we will do. It really is not a problem.

I hope that these help explain a little more about how a couples session would run. I always want these sessions to be fun, relaxed and an experience that boosts everyone's confidence, with authentic photos that you will treasure for years to come. If you have any questions about booking one of these sessions please drop me a line at and we can arrange a call or a coffee to talk through it all.

Outdoor couples session that tells your love story

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