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Let's talk, couples sessions...

Over the years I have had the pleasure of photographing many wonderful couples. Be that for their very own photo shoot, or as part of a larger family or on their wedding day. It doesn't seem to matter if you are used to being in front of the camera or not, the feeling of anxiety and nerves is all pretty normal. After all, having your picture taken can make you feel pretty vulnerable.

In the build up to your session, I am always here to help with any nerves or worries. No question or worry is too big or too small. I would rather you dropped me an email or a call to talk it through, than we get to the day of your session and you're not able to relax. I would rather tweaked something in advance to make sure you were totally happy on the day.

So here is what to expect as we build up to your session and on the day.

Communication is so important and I make this a priority. I will talk you through exactly what to expect on the day. How long the session will last, the sort of things that I might get you to do on the day i.e. sitting in cuddly positions, dancing together, piggy backs and my all time favourite; whispering naughty things in each other's ears! (So be prepared)

Everyone loves a bit of positive encouragement. So brace yourselves for some over the top words of inspiration when you do something that creates a beautiful moment in front of my lens. It won’t be quite the ‘love the camera, baby’, but it may get close. It’s all about building confidence, letting you know that what I see is looking amazing and also, if I join in the silliness, you will feel significantly less awkward.

Choosing your location is a key consideration. I love working in locations and spaces that have a connection to my client’s story. This could be your favourite spot in the woods, a beach side cafe that you go to, a secret spot where you disappear to to just have some air, or a place that you share with a significant milestone, like first kiss, first date or proposal spot. It is your story and being in a place that is familiar to you, definitely helps calm nerves on the day.

Please do not come along with the expectation of striking serious model faces down my lens. Your photo shoot will absolutely not be serious! Please bring along your sense of humour, as well as your sense of adventure. I can’t promise Edinburgh Festival standard jokes, but I do love to laugh and I hope that my sense of fun is contagious.

While we walk and talk, I love to hear about your funny stories, what you guys like to get up to and what makes you laugh. This is when you will most likely see me buzzing around, capturing the best candid moments that tell your story! I may well give gentle directions to you as we talk, for example, hold hands, wrap your arms around their waist, pick them up, twirl them around really fast, and so on. There are absolutely no ‘look at the camera and smile’ moments. This instantly changes your body language and reduces the spontaneity of the moment.

Why do I allow so much time for my couples sessions? I believe that investing in time on the day is so valuable. It allows us to get to know each other, it allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera, and it also gives us time to take breaks, hydrate and change the tempo of the session. Some couples love a high energy session from start to finish, others enjoy changing it up and combining more than one location and creating a different vibe during the shoot. It may be that you actually want to create images that are intimate and relaxed, and this is so much easier when we are able to take our time. By giving time on the day, clients end up with a full to bursting gallery of moments that truly express the dynamics of their relationship.

I hope these insights help put some worries to rest. If you have any questions or feedback on things that you have found helpful in the past, I would love to hear them.

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