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Seasonal Vibes & Colours

As a predominately on-location photographer, I'm always looking for ways to add interest and depth to my images. One way I do this is by paying attention to the changing seasonal colour. Luckily, here in the UK each season brings its own unique palette of colours, and when we work in harmony with these colours we can create beautiful and memorable moments. In this blog, I'll be taking a little dip into each season and hopefully giving you a little insight into what colours can really make your photographs pop.

Spring is in the Air

Spring is a time of renewal and growth, and the colours that come with this season truly reflect this. The new growth of plants and trees provides a lush and vibrant backdrop for all outdoor sessions, and if we plan carefully we can even include flowers like cherry blossoms, daffodils and bluebells.

As the backdrops tends to be so lush at this time of year, I suggest combining white or cream with soft pastels shades like pink, lilac and baby blue in your outfits. These add a lovely fresh and delicate touch to your images, without fighting against the already beautiful colours of the outdoors.

Summertime Madness

Summer is all about warmth and vibrancy. Of course, the joy of warmer days is that instantly, sessions at the beach are more much enticing. (Any excuse to have ice cream or fish and chips!) Bright, bold shades like orange and yellow can add lots of energy and excitement to your wardrobe choices. But be careful not to add too many clashing colours.

The other wonderful thing about summer is the longer evenings. The longer days give us plenty of time dance in the light of golden hour and capture your very own sunset. For me, it’s all about sun flares, silhouettes, sun beams and holding on to that warm summer vibe.

Autumn Glow

The crisp air, falling leaves and warm natural colour palette of autumn make for some of my favourite photography backdrops. It can be a far off golden horizon or the close up leaves of the woodland, they are all are equally stunning and give all autumnal shoots a generous dose of golden tones.

Warm, earthy shades like orange, brown and deep red can add depth and richness to your images. And, don’t forget that this is also a great time of year for layers. So think funky scarves, hats, body warmers and even picnic blankets and hot drinks flasks for those cosy cuddle shots. (Also, hot drinks are great at keeping us on the right side of warm, as the temperatures start to change).

Winter Calm

While some may think that winter is dull and dreary, I see it as a great opportunity to capture simple, clean and beautiful portraits. Winter is without doubt a season of muted tones. However, the browns, greys and earthy greens that can be found in the bare trees and dormant foliage provide us with a the perfect backdrop for dramatic colour.

The natural winter hues pair especially well with rich, textured fabrics like wool and cashmere, in dark purples, burgundy, mossy green and silver. Winter is a wonderful time to use tactile fabrics to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere that is perfect for family and couples sessions.

I certainly do not ask clients to buy new clothes for their sessions, my photo shoots are not about that. They are about capturing you, what you would usually wear and are comfortable in. But some planning and coordination of colours definitely makes all the difference when your final images are delivered.

If you need any help in pulling together colour ideas, then please just drop me a line. It's much easier to plan these things in advance, as apposed to having a last minute scramble and getting all stressed about what everyone will wear on the day. I am here to help and create these moments alongside you, so don't be shy.

Kylie x

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