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So, Here Goes...

Much like any other business owner and Mum, I have a lot to juggle. At the start of this year I sat down and planned out my year. My notebook is full of lists, things I want to do, things I have done, and I guess, a wish list of sorts. It is a continually moving feast. What feels possible one week, can be hampered by unexpected issues at home and further afield, the next.

But, I feel like there is an element of security in my lists. I can slowly see that things are happening, that progress is being made, and that this year is another improvement on last year.

One of the things on my list, way back in

January, was to start writing more regularly, and creating a blog that sits along side my photography work. In my mind, this will be a space for past, future and current clients to come, grab a cuppa and get to know me a little better, perhaps learn something, and also a place where I can talk about what inspires me, what drives me crazy, and a place where another element of my creativity can flourish.

While this may a short and sweet start to my blogging days, I hope to start adding content on a regular basis. And if you have any ideas for content then drop me a line, I would love to hear from you all.

So, here goes, I am officially adding blogging to my regular to do list!

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