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The Reasons Behind Model Calls

Let's talk about model calls. If you follow a few photographers, you may see every now and again that they ask for models for special projects. Photographers use these calls to developed new skills, try new product offerings and include new demographics in their portfolio and generally explore their craft.

Here are some key points to consider when thinking about jumping in for the next model call you see.

  1. Developing Skills and Expanding Creativity: Model calls allow photographers to push their creative boundaries and develop their skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. Working with models allows us to experiment with new poses, lighting techniques and artistic concepts. It's definitely better to try out new ideas without the pressure of a paying client!

  2. Trying New Things and Taking Risks: Model calls grant us a creative freedom that allows us to step outside of our regular comfort zone. It is through these sessions that new ideas are born, leading to fresh imagery, new client offerings and an opportunity for photographers to demonstrate their creative flair.

  3. Including New Demographics and Representing Diversity: Including individuals from diverse backgrounds, body types, ages, and ethnicity is really important. We are always looking to capture the true essence of the world we live in and celebrate the beauty of individuality. Representing diversity sends a powerful message of inclusivity and acceptance for all clients, because we want to be seen as a safe place for all.

  4. Contractual Agreement and Image Usage: Participating models will be required to understand and sign a contract that grants the photographer the permission to use the images for marketing, websites, social media, and other promotional purposes. This contract ensures transparency and protects the interests of both parties involved. A selection of images is usually offered to models as a token of appreciation, while any additional products or services will be charged at the usual rate.This should be agreed before the session.

  5. Consent and Respect for Boundaries: It is vital for participating models to understand the importance of granting consent and respecting boundaries when participating in model calls. The signed contract provides the necessary legal framework to protect both the photographer and the model. Should a model withdraw consent, they will be charged for a full session and all associated costs. This policy ensures clear communication, mutual respect, and professionalism throughout the entire process.

Model calls are an invaluable in offering photographers space for creative growth, skill development and the ability to offer clients diverse options when it comes to their photoshoots. These sessions can involve more that just the photographer. It may involve other professionals (makeup artists, stylists, props, dress hire etc.) to bring these creative concepts together, which takes considerable time to organise. It's for this reason that model calls need to be conducted with consent, transparency and respect for boundaries on all sides. When done right model calls should be a fun experience, that results in stunning images for the photographer, the model and all the suppliers involved.

Styled wedding shoot done at Horsted Pond Farm, Uckfield.
Styled wedding shoot done at Horsted Pond Farm, Uckfield.

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