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Your autumn colour shoot

It's almost here! One of the most exciting times of the year for me is autumn. I adore the crisp air, falling leaves and the warm colour palette. If you're thinking about booking in an autumn photoshoot this year, here are some things to think about while you plan ahead.

One of the most prominent autumn colours is, of course, orange. From the bright oranges of pumpkins to the deep oranges of changing leaves, this colour is a staple of the season. When photographing my clients during autumn, I definitely encourage a pop of orange in wardrobe, accessory or prop choices. It adds warmth and energy and makes sure you stand out from the background.

The deep reds of autumn foliage make for a stunning backdrop that can add drama and intensity to a portrait. Reds are not everyone's first love, but they can create bold and striking images that are really eye catching. So bring along that red scarf, pair of earrings or jacket and lets add a sense of passion and excitement to your photographs.

Yellow is another bright colour that is great to use during the autumn. Yellow can add a sense of joy and happiness to images, and it works especially well for family portraits. If you are thinking of including yellow in your shoot wardrobe, I often suggest that this are paired with muted or neutral tones so the yellow doesn't clash or become too overwhelming.

Of course, no discussion of fall colours would be complete without mentioning brown. The earthy tones of brown can be found in everything from tree trunks to fallen leaves, making it a versatile and grounding colour to incorporate into your portraits. Brown can create a sense of comfort and it works particularly well when paired with splashes of the other bright colours already mentioned.

All in all, autumn is a season of rich and warm colours that provide endless opportunities for creative and vibrant photos of you and your loved ones. There is no shortage of colour and warm light (especially first thing and late afternoon), and I look forward to capturing your new favourite photos very soon.

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