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Kylie Rathbone, from Robotic Clouds Photography

about Kylie

Photography, for me, is all about the authentic moments. 

Come along with an open mind, a sense of fun and a willingness to be just a little mischievous, and we shall get along just great. Your session, regardless of which one you go for, is about telling your story and I do this but capturing the real life moments of human connection. These are the ones that undoubtedly steal the show, and will be the photos that will make you smile each and every time. 

Our beautiful countryside continuously offers my clients a unique experience each time we are together. Planning sessions that involve locations that are meaningful to my clients is wonderful, but equally, I love the challenge of working in a location that offers us an element of drama and creativity. It is great when the location helps create those special memories.


My favourites to date have been beautiful,

yet crazy windswept hair that was just everywhere,

and another session where we had mud filled

wellies that had to be tipped out before

climbing back into the car!

If these are the sort of moments that you can laugh at and shrug off as ‘life happens’ then I think we will be a good fit. And I say ‘a good fit’, because being your photographer is definitely more than just turning up. The more we click, the better the whole experience will be.

This is particularly true for the more intimate sessions I offer for couples, engagements and weddings. This is the very reason I offer consultations, so don't be afraid of these. Because frankly, if we can't make it through a cup of coffee together, then anything longer and more personal is not going to work.

So something a little more personal about me. My love of photography started as a little child, when we moved from South Africa to the UK. Ever ready with my little Kodak film camera in hand, my love of capturing the world around me blossomed from there and I have been lucky enough to travel to some beautiful places with my camera firmly attached.

My world now is full with two children, a husband and a crazier than expected Boxer dog. They all constantly inspire me, as well as push my creative eye for capturing beautiful real life moments. I am a coffee lover (although decaf has snuck in after I turned 40! Shhhhh), who loves to laugh and a person who will pretty much do anything for ‘that shot’. Yes, I have laid in cow pats, fallen in rivers and gone home covered in cuts and bruises. Why? Because your photos matter that much!

Drop me a line to have a chat. I would love to hear your vision for your next photoshoot and work together with you to create some beautiful memories for you to hang in your home.

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